The residence at Åboulevard is an older renovated building located in Nørrebro, close to the inner city and the beautiful lakes surrounding the city center. The street can be heavily trafficked, especially during rush hours. Nørrebro is famous for its great variety of shops, cafes, and ethnicity.

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Åboulevard 44
DK 2200 Copenhagen N


Type of Accommodation
Two floors with five rooms on each floor.

Åboulevard residence is located in the lively and nice area of Norrebro where small little shops, cozy cafés and restaurants are numerous. The location is half way from the city center but also from CBS. The closest metro station is only 5 minutes away walking.

Charlotte, past resident

The rooms vary some in terms of shape and space since this is an old renovated building, but a general guideline is 2 small rooms, 2 medium rooms and 1 large room on each floor.

Bathrooms are shared; there are 2 bathrooms on each floor.

There is one kitchen per floor. The kitchen is spacious with a dining area. This is where you and the other students will meet and spend time together.

Washers and dryers are located in the basement. Laundry costs are included in your rent. You will receive further information upon arrival.

Internet Connection
Internet access is via wireless network. You will be provided with the access code upon arrival. Computers are not provided. .

Åboulevard is located close to City Hall Square with bus connections to the entire city. Transportation time to the CBS by bus is approximately 20 minutes. By bicycle, the school is 15 minutes away.

There is no parking available or possible at Åboulevard.

Housing information and rules
Please read this as soon as possible after you have moved in: House rules

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