(Only a few rooms available)

Øresundskollegiet is situated in Amager, close to the beach area, a sports area and a busy shopping street (Amagerbrogade). Furthermore, Øresundskollegiet is close to the city centre of Copenhagen. The building was constructed in the 1970s and lacks the charm of older buildings in Copenhagen. However, in 1992 the residence hall was renovated.

Dalslandsgade 8
DK 2300 Copenhagen S


Type of accommodation
With more than 1000 rooms and apartments, Øresundskollegiet is the biggest residence hall within the city boundary of Copenhagen.  The majority of the residents in Øresundskollegiet are Danish.

Your stay at Øresundskollgiet is in a two-room apartment with bathroom and kitchen, so you have to share them only with one person.
Living here is quite comfortable. With the Metro Station and a bus stop nearly in front of your house, you can get to CBS, Amager Beach, airport and central station quickly. You have a huge choice of shops and supermarkets because there's a shopping center next to the Metro Station and there's Amagerbrogade, a high street where you'll find a lot of shops.
The residence is not only a place for sleeping and studying: you also can go to the gym there, there´s a kiosk where you can buy pizza, or you can meet a lot of people in a bar in the basement.

The apartments are approximately 26 square meters.

Each apartment has its own en-suite bathroom.

Each apartment has its own en-suite kitchen. The kitchens are basically equipped.

There are laundry facilities (washers and tumble dryers) in the building. The local administration will make sure that you have 200 points on your card when the month begins. One wash is 12 points. Laundry costs are included in the rent. You will receive more information about the use of the laundry facilities upon your arrival.

Internet access is via a cable connection. Computers and cables are not provided.

Øresundskollegiet is located close to Amagerbro Metro Station. You can reach all CBS buildings by Metro (5-7 minutes) or by bike (15 minutes).

There is no parking available or possible at Øresundskollegiet.

Housing information and rules
Please read this as soon as possible after you have moved in: Housing information and rules

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