Guidance to transfer money to your laundry card/tag with creditcard - ONLY NIMBUS PARKEN

NB! Laudry tag must be activated /registered in payment system before use.

1.    Go to

2.    Choose “Laundry time”

3.    Choose -  Laundry adress – Nimbus Parken

4.    Choose ”login” in the User menu

5.    In the user number section you enter the user number printed on the wash tag.
In the section ”Password” you enter the given password. Thereafter you can choose a new personal password.

6.    In the User menu you choose ”Transfer amount”

7.    Choose an amount between DKK 100 and 1,000
Click on  ”Go on to payment”

8.    Choose ”Credit card” – Dankort / VISA Dankort / Mastercard / VISA / VISA Electron /JBC / Maestro

9.    Enter card number         )
Enter expiry date        )     Example Dankort
Enter control numbers    )
Click on ”Make transfer ”    )

10.    Payment approved. Click on ”Print receipt”

11.    Click on ”Close page”

12.    The amount will be transferred to your wash tag the first time you put it into the payment system in the laundry

13.    Control your transfer by choosing  ”My transfers” in the User menu

14.    Remember to ”log off” before you leave the menu

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