Help desk & inspector services

Help desk 

The help desk is monitored by the inspectors during office hours (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.). The office is closed on official Danish holidays: Easter (Thursday - Monday), Common Prayer Day (Friday), Ascension Day (Thursday), Pentecost (Saturday - Monday), International Workers' Day (1 May), Constitution Day (5 June), Christmas (23 - 26 December), and New Year (31 December - 1 January).

Please use the electronic help desk to report any needs for repair, missing items or suggestions.

When reporting, you must provide name, room number, phone number and email address. You must choose the category of your request, and clearly and briefly describe the nature of the case. You will get a receipt from the system.

Only report one item in each report and please ensure that you choose the right category. This will help us handling your requests as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Requests for maintenance (such as electricity, water & sanitation, internet, and locks) at Tietgenkollegiet should be directed to your local inspector at the residence. If you have any problems regarding your local inspector services, please contact us on the help desk.

Inspector services
The inspectors handle general repairs and maintenance in the residences. The inspectors visit the residences regularly. We reserve the right to immediate entry to your room without prior notice (i.e. when urgent repairs are needed).

The residences will be inspected regularly without prior warning to ensure that everything is kept clean and tidy to a satisfactory standard. If an inspector finds that this is not the case the student(s) responsible will be given a chance to bring everything up to standard. If the responsible student(s) fail to do so, a cleaning crew will be hired to do the job. This will be done at the responsible student(s)’ own expense.

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