The residence at Porcelænshaven is the only residence situated on campus at CBS and is adjacent to the library at Porcelænshaven.

Porcelænshaven 28
2000 Frederiksberg


Type of Accommodation
The residence is five floors with 20 rooms per floor and located in part of the former Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory that was completely renovated for CBS and is now part of the CBS Campus. The residences were finished on 17 August 2006.
Although the residence is composed of individual self-contained one-room apartments, students can be given access to a CBS student common room.

Porcelænshaven is the residence which is nearest all CBS buildings; I even have some courses in the same builiding in which I am living. It is a really comfortable dorm; we know each other because it is not too big. I have a single room and it is quite nice, I have my own mini-kitchen inside, and I share a bathroom with only one person. I am going to stay in the same room for the next semester as well. I would not change it!! I am very happy here.

Joaquin, past resident

These are the different room types available:

  • large rooms with en suite bathroom
  • small rooms with shared bathroom (shared with one other person of the same gender)
  • large rooms with shared bathroom (shared with one other person of the same gender)

Bathrooms are en-suite. Of the 100 rooms, 10 have an en-suite individual bathroom and five of these have wheel chair access. The other 90 rooms have an en-suite bathroom shared with one other person of the same gender.

Each room has its own fully functional kitchenette with refrigerator, stove top, and microwave oven.

Common Room?
Although the residence is composed of individual self-contained one-room apartments, recident students at PH can be given access to a CBS student common room for private arrangements. If you want to borrow the common room, please make a request through the helpdesk at least two workdays before the wanted date: www.cbs-ah.dk/new-case. Before you can get the key card, you'll need to sign a document reading this: 
I understand that I am responsible for the safety of this key card as well as the Common Room and its contents, while the key is in my possession. I accept that I have to pay for any damages, missing or broken items. If I lose the key card, I will have to pay DKK 1.500 I agree to clean the room by noon the following day after use and the next work day return the key to the campus desk at Dalgas Have 15 no later than 13.00 pm.
If the room is not cleaned to the satisfaction of the inspector, I agree to pay for any necessary cleaning costs. On Sunday – Thursday the room must be locked up and left no later than 10.00 pm and on Friday and Saturday no later than midnight. I understand that any breach of these common room rules will prohibit me to book the room again for the rest of this semester and that a serious breach might cause a warning copied to the coordinator of my home university.


Laundry facilities (washers and dryers) are  located in the basement. Cost is not included in your rent. You will receive further information about laundry facilities in your welcome letter.

Internet Connection
The internet is cabled. Please note that computers and internet cords are not provided.

Porcelænshaven is on campus. Walking distance to Dalgas Have or to Solbjerg Plads is about 5-10 minutes.

If you are looking for a residence with high security for your car, we recommend that you apply here as your first priority. The residence at Porcelænshaven has access to an on-campus parking garage for a fee.

Housing information and rules
Please read this as soon as possible after you have moved in: Housing information and rules

CBS Academic Housing

Dalgas Have 15
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
Tel: (+45) 3815 3815